Monday, August 29, 2005

Afzal's farewell party

It was an awesome great party. We enjoyed every bit of it. At first, we took him to some shops in the afternoon. After ransacking them, he chose a shirt. It was a nice one, Afzal was looking great when he came out of the trial room. He looked happy with the shirt. As we had surplus in our budget, we took him to another emporium and bought him a t-shirt for casual wear.

Then we entered Emanuelles (a famous restaurant for buffet dinner), we had a booking for eight people's dinner at 7 p.m. It was 7:15 when we took our seat. As all of us had not arrived yet, we started chattering. After some time, when others arrived, we went to the dishes to get the food. In the first round, we had the appetizers as usual. As everyone of us has visited this restaurant few times before, we were pretty experienced and had devised our own plan to rip the maximum :-). By the time we finished our second round, the people we found sitting when we came left. After that, we took some rest. There were two reasons, Manjur Bhai still hadn't arrived, we wanted to actively accompany him while he eats, and to regain some vigor to devour more :-). About 20 minutes later, we started third round. It was the time the waiters started being astonished. Another batch of people left by this time. The food was excellent. Most of the dishes were of meats. Though I like fishes more, I took all the meat dishes too. The red snapper fish, a fish fry (I forgot the name), moussaka and barbecues were among the most delectable dishes. Zunnun bhai, a renowned gourmet, was the quickest among us to engorge. Manjur bhai came, and guess what, we started the fourth round :D. The waiters were dumbfounded. We gobbled as if we have taken nothing before :D. When we rushed towards the dessert, we were fearing that we won't find anything in the dishes, as many people came and left in the mean time. We were relieved to see the desserts still there, though small in quantity. We had two rounds of desserts. The yummy pudding and caramel custard were our favourites.

After we gorged ourselves enough, we eased ourselves and started chatting again. Everyone was immersed with a sad feeling. We realized that we will miss Afzal very much. We had an excellent year together. Throughout this time, we were like friends and brothers. We were much more than colleagues. This was the first break in our team. We all vented our griefs. In the valedictory, Afzal said that he will miss us too, he will remember this one year forever, he will cherish the time he shared with us.

We came out of the restaurant at 10 p.m. and started for home. I am certain that everyone of us will remember this night. We will treasure the memory forever.

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