Tuesday, September 13, 2005


At last, my TOEFL is over. If I have to tell my feelings, I have to go section by section. In listening, I am happy. I made three mistakes. It is the best performance I have made in mock tests. In reading comprehension, I took my time. I gave my best to it. I made three mistakes. About structure, I will not forget it ever. While I was answering the last but one question, I thought it to be the last. When only 5 seconds were left, I confirmed my answer and saw that one was remaining. My heart started pounding. 5 seconds whisked away. I am still regreting for it. However, my range is 220 - 277. The score distribution is 27, 12 - 29, 27. My composition was not well in the written part. Now, I can only hope for the best. Final score is supposed to come home within two weeks by mail.

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