Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Treat To Remember

Oh!!! I won't forget the day. Our dear friend cum colleague Shantanu took Shakhawat, Palash and me to hotel Star at Thataribazar. Hotel Star is well-known among gourmands. Anyone who doesn't know that place is considered as a fool by food connoisseurs. We went there at noon but the meal must be called a dinner. There was virtually no restriction to place orders. I went there after a long days, so I was particularly impressed by the new segment with air conditioning units and air curtains. The place is wonderful now. However, we washed our hands and took our seats. Palash became the first to order something. To my amazement, he ordered for plain rice. I was not particularly aware of the fact that apart from Kachchi Biriani, plain rice with various dishes are also very delicious here. As usual for me, I ordered for Kachchi Biriani. Shakhawat and Shantanu were also ignorant like me, so they also followed me quickly. Then, aggrandizing our astonishment, Palash ordered for Hilsha fish eggs and Rupchanda fish. When these things came, we, excluding Palash, quickly realised how fool we were. Though we had mutton, egg and Jali kebab in our Kachchi Biriani, we were totally defeated by Palash's dishes in elegance, pulchritude and delicacy. We wanted to recover quickly, so on went our ordering. We asked for Rejala, Jhal Fry, Rupchanda fish and Shrimp Corma. The competition turned hot on that very moment. We were gorging quickly. The waiter, who we were calling "Mama" adoringly, was dazed to see us gobbling. A big two litre bottle of Coke was accompanying us all the time. After finishing main courses, it was time for dessert. We were behaving as gluttonously as before. We ordered Lachchi, Falluda, Curd and Pudding. After paying the bill, we had no strength to move our bodies from that table :D. We dragged ourselves out of the hotel clumsily and after much hassle we got a cab to return to office. It was a great meal to remember. Truly, I would cherish this memory forever. A big thanks go to dear friend Shantanu. Hail to Shantanu!!!

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