Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some nice days at Sirajgonj

Just came from Sirajgonj yesterday. It was a wonderful visit there. We stayed two days. For the first time, I saw the "Puja" of the Hindu religion. The city was fabulously decorated with lighting. Streets were filled with troupes. People were dancing and merry-making. All were in jovial mood. We visited a fair too. Though the commodities were not attractive, people were thronging there. Another day, we went to a relatives house for an iftaar party. It was great. We had nice time and food there. At home, we passed time with out cute young (really young, only a few months old) cousin. His presence was really captivating. We were always busy with the adorable kid. We took many photos and shot short videos of him. When we were starting for Dhaka, we were really sad to leave him back. Inshallah, we will go to Sirajgonj again in Eid.

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