Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A wonderful EID

I was very tensed about the Eid when it was approaching. I was sick and I feared that I wouldn't come round before it comes. Thanks to Allah as I became OK just one day before Eid. The day seemed wonderful to me. Though I didn't meet any of my friends as most of them are abroad, I visited Sharna's friends' houses with her. We started the visits at the afternoon and returned home at 9 pm. On the next day, we went to Sirajgonj. The journey wasn't easy at all. At the bus terminal, we found it hard to get two tickets of a bus which will go to Sirajgonj or pass by it. After some frantic search, we got two tickets of a bus which would go to Naoga, and we have to pay the price for Naoga though we would travel half the distance. Once we were in Sirajgonj, it was all the fun. We had a nice time there. We visited Lisa apu's house at evening. The next day we went to a wedding ceremony far from Sirajgonj town. We availed a hired bus, the journey was a fun too. Some boys were singing and dancing in the bus all the way. The venue of the wedding, which was the bride's house, was a great place. There was many trees and a big pond at the vicinity. I roamed the area and liked being there. The food was very nice too. We missed the bou-vat yesterday as our bus to Dhaka was at 2 pm which coincided with the invitation. Oh, there is something more, Raad is becoming cuter day by day. We had a nice time with the adorable little kid. I hope that I shall post some new pics of him tomorrow.

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