Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sharna arrived last night

A Dragon Air flight touched down the runway of ZIA at 1:10 am local time yesterday. Sharna was on that plan. After that waiting for some one half hour we got into the car and headed home. It was nice to see her in good health. Oh!! She bought a leather jacket for me which I started to use right from today :D It is brown, it fitted me well. I really liked it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

After a long time at M.C.C.

Yesterday, I went to my college after a long time. It was an awesome feelings. The old days was coming in front of my eyes. I met many staff who were at our times too. I met one of my math teacher too. We talked for about 20 minutes. It was a great feeling to be there. Going to my college has become lot easier now. It is 50 minutes journey from Gabtoli bus terminal. But I had to do much hardship to return because of my wrong decision. I chose the Gazipur route which costed me three extra hours.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sharna went to China

Sharna flew for China today for a one week training provided by Huawei. Her flight was at 0200 by Dragon Air. I went to see her off. Thanks to modern mobile communication for which we could communicate even when the plane had started running for take-off. By the grace of Allah, she should have reached Shenzhen few hours ago. I think I will hear from her soon. At home, I have lots of thing to do. We are shifting to Pallabi by the end of this month. This is a huge task. Sharna and I are also planning to tour India for five days. I have to work on it too in this week. Though, I will miss my wife greatly, I have lots of responsibilites to be busy with in this week. Sharna will be back on 17th. Hope she will be in good health and she will have a nice training.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Surprising GRE score!!!

I just came from the exam hall. I was totally surprised to see my score, I got a 1400!!! Can you believe it? Even I can't believe it. In last two months I haven't gone through a single book on GRE exam. I studied my last word list two months ago. After a long interval, I studied some word on the day before yesterday. I have given only one mock test on that day, and today was my only second such test. Had I not been misguided by my always mercurial in nature office, I would have had a strong preparation, and who knows what I would get then!!!

I had a deep wound in my mind when I was not selected for the 2nd batch to go to Vancouver, I think Allah has today over-compensated me with this score. My heartiest gratitude to Him. I have no sorrow in my mind, I think, never in my life again, will I depend on this volatile office which also does misjudgement to its employees.

I can't state how elated I am. My heart is still pounding. I am also amazed to see my wife who is even happier than me today. She is bustling in excitement, we will go to dinner tonight. Everyone at home also went euphoric hearing my score. I think I, along with all my family members, will celebrate it thoroughly this evening.