Saturday, January 28, 2006

One extra email address per yahoo account for free!!!

I just came to know this today. Yahoo is giving one extra email account per inbox for free!!! While sending an email, one can choose an account from a drop-down list box. Mails sent to this extra email address will go to the same inbox. One can also change the extra email address twice a year. Isn't it exciting? I created an extra address just now, you can do it too!!!


Yawar said...

Dunno what the pros/cons of the Yahoo system are but Gmail users can just give out addresses like to ppl and then filter incoming messages from those ppl using the To: address. You can just make up any number of these plus addresses and give them out.

So if your username is gmailuser, then you can give out to friends, to colleagues, and to your kite-flyers enthusiast club.

Russoue said...

Man, it's awesome. I just tested it with my gmail account and I am amazed to see its power. Thanks for it, Yawar.