Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is the cable which, at last, connected Bangladesh to the information super highway. If you see the path of SEAMEWE3 and if you are a Bangladeshi, you will be deeply frustrated to see how stupid and corrupted our government is to not to take the wonderful opportunity which passed away more than ten years ago. Had we been connected to SEAMEWE3, we would have been a formidable force in the outsourcing world now, I am confident about it. How long the Bangladeshis will remain under  control of these idiot money-grubbing morally bankrupt people a.k.a. politicians?

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thomas said...

I am Mr. Thomaswar Chakma. Now i am doing job in Telecom Sector as Transmission Engineer (Optical Dept.) I feel, we need to connect before. if we connect earliyer then we have reached High Level of IT Sectors.