Sunday, February 26, 2006

First day at Grameen Software

Sazzad and I joined Grameen Software today. After waiting for 3 hours, we were given two laptops to work with. This was a temporary solution. Tomorrow we are supposed to get two Intel 3.0 GHz hyper-thread PCs. Today, we mostly browsed websites for some RFCs. I was given the laptop of the C.T.O. which by the end of the day I messed. I don’t know what happened and how but suddenly I found that all the executable files are infected with virus and Trojans. Our lunches were provided free. We went to the very same place in 12th floor where our good old office was. There were same partitions and same cubicles. Actually, Grameen Software bought them from Eyeball Networks. We felt nice to be there, that place will remain in our memories for the rest of our lives. We have very nice memorable incidents there. However, after lunch Shakhawat came and we had a good chat. At 5:45 we came out of office, 15 minutes before end of office time. We went to a tea shop nearby and had tea with some snacks. After that we dispersed to three different directions. In a nutshell, the day was neither good nor bad. Hope we will enjoy working here.


Salam Dhaka said...

what work will u be doing in Grameen software?

Salam Dhaka said...

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