Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Had no other option than refusing

It all started in one morning. I was working happily at my desk. In the previous evening, I got Indian Visa. It was the only positive thing in my passport after being gifted two visa refusals from Canadian High Commission. I was excited imagining a nice tour to India. But alas! I had not sufficient leave approved. I had only three days of leave but it was too scanty for a tour to India. I needed only three more. After my wedding in 2004, I had not taken a long leave to have a honeymoon. I always dreaded my leave application being refused by my office which is a leader in VOIP but very ruthlessly careless to its employees at Dhaka. However, I mustered all the courage I had, wrote a mail to my project manager to extend my leave. He was online at the moment I sent the mail. Suddenly, he logged out. I kept waiting for the reply. After long one hour, he came online. He knocked me in messenger. At the beginning he was pretending that everything is normal doing some enquiries about my assigned task but he could not continue too long. He burst into fury within a few minutes. He started to teach me what corporate behavior is. For, fifteen long minutes he kept on taking the class, humiliating me at his will.

I reached to the decision quickly. I deferred the decision for more than one year but at that moment I thought "Enough!" I could no longer carry on a job being completely unrecognized, humiliated and ignored. I already had done much sacrifice for this job. I did not go to the honeymoon, was not involved in the preparation of my wedding ceremony because I was staying at office day and night then, refused an excellent offer (better than my current offer by a good margin) from AKTEL in the peak pressure time just because I wanted be a part of Dhaka team to prove its worth, refused another offer from GP because I was promised after the completion of one year in the job my compensation package will be improved but I could no longer afford any more sacrifice for no cause. I clicked the compose button, attached my resume, sent the mail to one of my close friends at ReliSource.

ReliSource gave me a marvelous offer. It is really a nice company with an excellent caring management. The job was really a career job. But I could not accept their offer only for one reason: their office timing. I had to come home after 2230 if I had worked in ReliSource. That would create a huge gap with my wife as she is a working woman. I am really sad to refuse their offer last evening. I hope someday I can work in ReliSource just to experience how a caring management does the immense task of keeping all its employees happy. I am dying for such a management.


Salam Dhaka said...

awesome! dont let people push you around. You have to do what is best for you and your family. Don't make job an emotional decision.

Munaz said...
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Munaz said...

Hope your dream comes true one day :)
Lets wish a long live to ReliSource ..