Saturday, February 25, 2006

New email address

Today, I got an official email address from my new company. I know it is not anything worth mentioning. My new address is like this **** I also had an official email address in my previous job. It too is not worth mentioning. The email address was like this **** Now, I think, you have got a hint why I am writing this. There is a difference between the two email addresses. The one Eyeball gave me uses a sub-domain. All the members of Dhaka team used to get such email address whereas people in Vancouver got email addresses like this **** This fact is enough to summarize our position in Eyeball. They always treated us as their inferior subordinates, no matter how successful we were in our duties. They celebrated successes made by us in Vancouver by lavish parties but they never asked us even to have some snacks for the same purpose. We were always neglected slaves. They expected us to work day and night whenever it is needed, but back there they used to leave office at most after 6 pm. They used to enjoy three weekends once in a month and two weekends in other weeks. But here we were not sure whether we are going to get our only weekend on Friday until it is Friday morning. However, I should stop here lest this blog becomes a tirade. I am very happy to get rid of Eyeball now, I think I should not bring back the unpleasant memories and make myself unhappy any more.

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