Thursday, February 09, 2006

Resigned from Eyeball

After one and a half years, I have resigned from Eyeball Networks. May be my release date will be the 15th instant. After sending my resignation email, I signed a job contract with Grameen Software. My joining date is the 1st March, 2006. They offered a very good compensation package with lots of facilities. Among them weekend on alternate Saturday fascinated me most. On those weeks, I can pass full two weekends with my wife.

I have lots and lots of memories in Eyeball. I know that if I begin to write them, I will become so emotional that I will not be able to finish the writing. So, I would rather want to recollect only the first few months of Eyeball now. After giving the final exam of level 4 term 2 in B.U.E.T., we began to come to office from the following day. The first few weeks were fun, we were dreaming of a surreal job. But things suddenly changed after that. Our C.T.O. came from Canada and we began to stay at office day and night right away. In our university life, we were used to write programs for Windows PCs mostly. But our first project was in an embedded system whose operating system was ucLinux. It was just like firing a machine gun without even knowing how to fire a single-shot rifle. Our experience in Linux was negligible. We first had to familiarize ourselves with Linux, then to cross compilation. Moreover, our software had requirements almost like a real-time software. At first, we thought it was unimaginable task. But our C.T.O. was very brave and prudent man. He kept on pushing. We all had our beds in office, days after days we did not go home. By this time Ramadan came, things became easier to work as there was less hassle for foods. After only one month, we released our first version, I should rather not call it alpha version. It was an achievement beyond imagination. Because only one month ago, we did not know what the hell a Makefile is but after one month we released a software which was capable of doing a video-chat. It was an enormous feat. Our confidence grew exponentially. Rest of the story is coming soon ...

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