Saturday, March 11, 2006

First two day weekend

Today, I enjoyed my first ever two day weekend. I always knew that two day weekend refreshes mind completely. When you get back to work after a two day weekend, you will feel more invigorated. Your productivity will increase for sure. It is particularly true for IT professionals. Those who think that six working days are better than five working days are really unsmart, they fail to grasp the big picture. All the developed countries of the world have it. Recently, Bangladesh government also introduced it, though their main reason was to save fuel. Few years ago, government introduced it for the first time but later, a new government withdrew the decision. However, my previous employer Eyeball Networks used to understand the utility of two days weekend. But they refused to provide it to their Dhaka office whereas they used to enjoy three day weekend in one week every month and two day weekend in other weeks in Vancouver. It was mainly due to their exploitive and somewhat racist behaviour towards their Bangladeshi staffs at Dhaka. I am very happy in my current job because I don't have to face preposterous discrimination at least.

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