Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sharna in AKTEL Ad

It was very funny incident to me. There was a full-page advertisement of AKTEL on the occasion of World Women's day which had a photo of Sharna. She told me that she was not prepared at all for the photo like all others. She did not even know that she was going to be photographed for an ad. It was a direct order from her superior to pose for it, so she could not deny. However, she didn't do bad at all, though any kind of smile is missing from her face :D. She is the only representative from Technical division, all others are from Human Resource and Marketing.

Here is the ad below, I marked her with a blue circle:

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Shovon said...

hi... let me tell u that none of them were actually prepared for the pose.. it was an idea from HR.. but it is really good that in the women's day Aktel could give honour to them.