Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Corruption of I.C.T. Ministry

At last some news of corruption of I.C.T. Ministry is coming through. I heard of rampant corruption by our honorable minister Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan many times before. But news about it has just began to come up. I just read a headline news about the corruption in the Daily Prothom Alo few days back but I lost the link. It said that loans were disbursed to mostly non-I.C.T. projects. Among them, there were few projects relating to goat farming. What an honest and honorable minister we have got! What is the value of his Ph.D. in English if he has no moral? Today, there is another news in the same newspaper regarding fund disbursement of this fiscal year. It said that ten months have passed but no money is released yet. It is feared that history will be repeated this time too as they will not go the 18 crore taka unspent. We may see few more healthy goats being cooked in honorable minister's parties next year!

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Salam Dhaka said...

It is sad that the ICT ministry is also losing its image thanks to these guys.