Sunday, April 02, 2006

The most hilarious claim I have ever heard

I never heard something like this in my life. Are these people thinking rationally or being driven by fanatic thoughts? I do not know whether their claim of holocaust is true or not, may be my history knowledge is very poor, but I can feel their rage.


Rumi said...

I came across these people during a Drishtipat event in new York in 2001. It was a fund raising program for victims of Annadaprasad village ( Where several hindu houses was ransacked, dozens of Hindu were beaten by local thugs after Awami league defeat in election).

They ( All East bengal recent migrants, lead by one Bidyut Saha) came in group, interrupted Asif Saleh many time during his presentation. They yelled throughout the event, brought the issue of Palestine. " If Palestinians can demand independence, why not Bangladeshi Hindus, etc"

They ( at least a dozen)enjoyed the cultural event, had free dinner and left without paying a cent for that fund raising dinner.

Russoue said...

Your last paragraph sums up everything. It shows the honesty of their intent and dedication.

Salam Dhaka said...

Nothing but another group driven by communal mentality. Just like Islamic militancy cannot be allowed, neither can these sort of other fundamentalist groups.