Sunday, July 30, 2006

My first open source project

I created my first open source project in It is an application which ejects and closes trays of available CDROMs and DVDROMs. Actually, the idea came to my mind because I needed such an application. My fancy CPU casing adds extra button on the drives' eject/close button. For that it became hard for me to open and close them as the buttons are not of good quality. Closing the trays are even harder as the tray hides the button when ejected. So I needed some kind of software control. Trays can be ejected through windows explorer but they can't be closed. My application adds an icon in shell notification area (the one where the clock resides). Right-clicking the icon opens a menu through which trays can be ejected and closed. Left double clicking also opens a window through which the same things can be done. The application is started when windows starts. I have licensed the project with GPL. So, downloading binary/codes, editing, using etc. all are free. I have not build the homepage of the project yet. But the svn repository can be accessed via the URI: svn://
/svnroot/traycontroller/code/trunk. The files can be viewed by browser through this URL: I will try to add a nice page in the homepage location soon. I am very excited about my first open source project. It will be very nice if someone really uses it. Any contribution is very welcome. I will be very happy if I get any comments, feature requests or any kind of feedback. Hope, I will be able to build more open source software in future which will be more useful to people.

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ryan.rakib said...

Great work done... (Y)
Keep up the good work... :)