Thursday, October 26, 2006 launched

A comprehensive site on Dr. Muhammad Yunus has been launched: Thanks for the people who have put it up. I think it is one of the top web resources on the Nobel laureate.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A website about scientific revelations in the holy Qur'an is a mind boggling website. It deals with scientific revelations in the holy Qur'an. It shows how the holy Qur'an provides scientific facts which were unknown at that time and many of them are still to be proved by modern science. In some sites ( e.g. wikipedia), I found an argument that knowledge similar to some revelations were prevalent in seventh century Arab world. It may be true for only a very few cases but certainly can not be true for the examples given in this site. Though I have read a book (a series of two parts; does not have any electronic version) which had many more such interesting things, I liked this site for being very concise and to the point.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quadir Prize

Quadir Prize is an Annual Global Contest to Strengthen Bangladesh hosted by the Center for International Development at Harvard University . One has to propose an innovative and practical idea that would improve the lives of low- and middle- income people of Bangladesh. Proposals will be judged by four Harvard University faculty members, in consultation with scholars familiar with Bangladesh.The author of the winning essay will be awarded the Anwarul Quadir Prize, USD $25,000. Deadline for submission is December 31, 2006. This contest is sponsored by the Anwarul Quadir Foundation.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dr. Muhammad Yunus: First Ever Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate!

Like many said, the Nobel prize of Dr. Yunus is the greatest achievement of our nation since independence. Today, one Chinese colleague in my lab was congratulating me. He was very amazed to see that a small country like Bangladesh can have such people. He told that none from his country ever got a Nobel prize (actually, one person with Chinese root got but he is not recognized in China). I cannot express how I felt at that moment. A Bangladeshi could achieve what no one from a big prosperous country like China did not achieve (no offence to Chinese, I am just giving example). Ours is not only a poor and small nation but also we can produce Nobel laureates. It is a proof of how much potential we are. Today is a great day for our country. Dr. Yunus, we are so proud of you! May your dream of alleviating poverty from the world come true!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Corruption in Biman

While reading this article, I was feeling so depressed that I could not read through the end. I was being torn apart while going through it. Isn't there any end to this insanity? All these started during the time of our former dictator Ershad and was subsequently exacerbated in manifolds by some very high ranking politicians of a leading party of our country. This coterie is systematically destroying Biman, once the pride of our nation. I still remember how my parents preferred Biman over other airlines, not because of economy but because of hospitality and homely feelings. I wish there would be a magician who would stop all these absurdity of our country!

Interview of Tarek Rahman

I just came accross the following clips of an interview of Tarek Rahman a.k.a. Tarek Zia, senior joint secretary of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. It is believed that he will be the Prime Minister of Bangladesh sometime in future. If ten percent of what he promised to do in this interview becomes true, then I will be satisfied.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unbelievable idiocy!

I can't believe this. Beating national shooters after entering the shooting complex just does not make sense to me. Commonwealth games gold medalist Asif and another national shooter Shoebuzzaman are seriously injured and will take weeks to recuperate and get back to practice. This is insane. These sycophants of corrupt political leaders have crossed their limits way ago. Now, who can bridle these unscrupulous people of the most corrupt institution of Bangladesh?