Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 minute mail!

A simple but amazing solution to avoid spams. Many websites require to register before viewing some page or message board. Once you give one of your valid email addresses, that inbox is gone. You can expect lots of spams coming there from the next moment. I have so many such incidents. My gmail account now gets one spam mail per five minutes, sometimes more frequently. This 10 minute mail solution will help avoid such annoying problems. This site gives a temporary email address only valid for 10 minutes. You can check mail with web interface in that time. But you can only send mails to addresses where an email has come from. Once you get the verification mail for the registration there, forget that email address. Because that will be no more after 10 minutes. No more worry about spams! What an elegant solution!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It is coming at last

At last, the 14 party alliance declared to go for the old coward in case he fails to meet their demand. And after today's news of appointing two more election commissioners, it has become inevitable. I wonder why a man of 76 has no self-dignity. What will he get by being an accomplice of election engineering? He and his retarded friend in the election commission are trying to implement a blue-print of vote rigging, it is no more a secret now. He is losing ground everyday by his inexplicable behaviors. He is playing on people's tolerance, which has a limit. A sudden outburst from people is imminent now. I feel pity for the pigeon-hearted man.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's happening???

What are these two stooges doing? I am surprised to read in bdnews24 that the President and the C.E.C. are discussing about groundwork for election and a poll schedule. It can be noted that this discussion took place right after former prime minister's demand for an immediate schedule for a poll. So, it is obvious that on command of their master, the slaves have started to work. I think the ongoing people's movement should immediately be redirected to the old scum sitting at the throne. He deserves no respect. People are only showing him respect due to his age and teaching career despite he has an active political background. The teaching background should have been discarded way before as I do not consider those who indulge in cheap politics to get promotion and illegal benefits as any ideal teacher. And now, it is proven that age alone does not purify a man. Despite all the sufferings of people, the weak-hearted (literally) gutless old man is still taking orders from his lady master and the prince. Enough blood is shed. To remove the puppets, it is not practicable to do one movement per person. My suggestion is to leave C.E.C., go for the old wicked. Strip him from all his offices. Appoint a really honest, unbiased, highly qualified Caretaker Chief. Then let him purge the whole corrupt administration. In my opinion, this is the best way to achieve the goal, optimal in the point of view of least bloodshed and suffering of people.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Prime Minister we should be ashamed of!

Here is a report on unimaginable corruption of the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh Khaleda Zia. I wonder, how on earth after achieving so many things (e.g. two times being P.M.) a person can have so much greed? Doesn't their greed have any limit? Suppose, after death, they are placed in heaven, will they be content with what they will have their?? After how many times being P.M. their hunger for money will be satiated?

As the content of the website is continuously changing, I am pasting the report here:

Dhaka, Nov 05 (bdnews24.com)— Former state minister for power Anwarul Kabir Talukder Saturday alleged that 'Hawa Bhaban-bureaucrat-business' syndicate had sucked Tk 8,000 crore from the power sector during the last five years.

The immediate past government invested Tk 17,500 crore in the power sector, but could not produce one megawatt of electricity during its tenure.

He alleged that the immediate past Prime Minister, her Principal Secretary and the present energy secretary had been 'directly involved in massive corruption' in the power sector.

In an exclusive interview with bdnews24.com Talukder alleged that 'hired goons' of the present Energy Secretary A N H Akhter Hossain ransacked the power offices in Uttara, Mirpur, Pallabi, Sabujbagh and other parts of the city and provoked people to go on the rampage on September 26.

The 'ploy' had been designed to discredit him and tarnish his 'clean' image, Talukder claimed.

"Following the September 26 incidents, former State Minister for Home Affairs Lutfozzaman Babar was given the charge of Power Ministry on September 28 on a verbal order from the then Prime Minister," said Talukder, who was reportedly sacked as State Minister for Power during the last government. Talukder had, however, claimed he resigned.

ANH Akhter Hossain while talking to bdnews24.com Sunday denied Talukder's allegations terming them 'false and childish'. He said: "Regrettable; a senior person like him (Talukder) should not talk in such a way."

Talukder, the former BNP lawmaker of Jamalpur-4 constituency, and now a leading figure in the newly formed Liberal Democratic Party of former President A Q M Badruddoza Chowdhury, said the power situation in the country would aggravate further.

"It would take three years to maintain status quo in power sector even if improvement plans were implemented with honesty and efficiency", he said.

He said he referred the cases of corrupt practices to the Anti-Corruption Commission and would testify in the court, if necessary.

Regarding demand-supply, Talukder said daily demand of electricity was 5,500 mega watts against the production of 3,000 mega watts. The Power Ministry used to produce false statistics on electricity, he disclosed. Even, false statistics were placed at the meetings of the parliamentary standing committees, he said.

He said the former Prime Minister and her Principal Secretary Kamal Uddin Siddiqui 'directly patronised corruption' in the power sector. Talukder said being instructed by Prime Minister, an 'unconstitutional' committee comprising bureaucrats were formed at the Prime Minister's Office.

The committee's status was between the power minister and the state minister. This committee used to intervene into the ministry's affairs and patronised corrupt practices, he said.

Of the total government fund of Tk 17,500 crore invested in the power sector during the last five years, he said, Tk 2,500 crore was spent as establishment cost.

"Of the rest Tk 15,000 crore, Tk 8,000 crore was looted by the Hawa Bhaban-bureaucrat-business syndicate. Some Ministers and MPs were also involved in it," he said.

Talukder claimed he tried to purge the power ministry of corruption—part of the reason he was removed from the job.

He said the outgoing government's only project Tongi Power Plant, with 105 mega watts capacity, was yet to go into production because of corruption and use low standard of equipments.

"The standard of the booster compressors was downgraded to Chinese standard from the internationally recognised standard resulting in lowering of the capacity, but interestingly the price went up," Talukder said.

He pointed fingers at the Hawa Bhaban, PDB's board of directors and the dishonest officials of the Power Ministry for the 'corruption'.

He said he could have purchased 200 mega watts of electricity at the rate of less than Tk 1.9 per unit from the private sector, but he was not allowed to do so.

"If I purchased that 200 MW electricity from private sector, setting up of eight captive power plants with 240 MW could not be justified," Talukder said. Those eight plants were yet to go into production, but they had been paid, he said.

"The state will have to pay Tk 8,000 crore to those eight captive power plant owners as subsidy during the next 15 years. But this money could easily be saved by purchasing electricity from the private sector," the former State Minister said.

bdnews24.com/krc/rm/ad/1921 hours

Source: http://bdnews24.com/details.php?cid=0.03&id=49814#tp49814 (may not work)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Soldiers' stress

Here is a video of some soldiers telling how much stress they are in in Iraq. The job is not easy at all.