Sunday, November 19, 2006

It is coming at last

At last, the 14 party alliance declared to go for the old coward in case he fails to meet their demand. And after today's news of appointing two more election commissioners, it has become inevitable. I wonder why a man of 76 has no self-dignity. What will he get by being an accomplice of election engineering? He and his retarded friend in the election commission are trying to implement a blue-print of vote rigging, it is no more a secret now. He is losing ground everyday by his inexplicable behaviors. He is playing on people's tolerance, which has a limit. A sudden outburst from people is imminent now. I feel pity for the pigeon-hearted man.

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Faiyaz Al said...

Iazuddin has stunning resemblance with Yahya. Just as Yahya danced with the tunes of Bhutto, Yazuddin follows every instruction of Khaleda Zia. The difference is that, Yahya was an army man with the brain in the knees while Yazuddin is a prof with much more critical brain.
-- Faiyaz