Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to UTD

After passing one month in Bangladesh, I am back in UTD. It was an excellent weather there. But the political situation was frustrating after the poll turned to a laughing stock. On my way back, I saw on BBC that the old man has gave up and returned to his senses. It is the best news since the departure of last elected government. I am looking forward to see a free and fair election with a correct voter list. I think gradually, the situation in Bangladesh is becoming conducive for this. The army raids to the top corrupts' houses is very inspiring though they lacked the courage to touch the prince. But at least his best friend was briefly arrested, that is also a big achievement in our thoroughly corrupt country. I hope the next government will try the prince and his accomplices for their rampant theft.


Faiyaz Al said...

What bout voip raids ? Aren't u gettin affected ?

Russoue said...

Yes, I am. Now, mostly I get calls from Bangladesh using BTTB. They have a reduced rate, 7.50 per minute for ISD calls. But yesterday, I could make 3 calls by gTalk. As far as I know, it is one of the remaining functional services. If you want to get it, let me know.

Salam Dhaka said...

I was in Dhaka too for 10 days - the weather was nice and life was good. Dhaka is always fun.