Sunday, February 18, 2007

M Nuruzzaman: A brave man!

Today, I was very excited going through the news of M Nuruzzaman. I am very very proud of him. He is a brave person. People, who were oppressed by the godfathers days after days, should immediately follow him. Government must ensure their security and the cases must be processed as quickly as possible. I don't know how long this immensely popular CTG will be able to stay in power as I see political parties (who could do nothing for the country when they were in power for years; they only succeeded in plundering) and their hypocrite ardent supporters are becoming more restless each day. Before this government's departure, all the godfathers should be given either capital punishment (many will qualify for that according to our law as they are murderers) or sentence for life. Facades of people like Saifur Rahman must be teared down. Now is the time. I don't know when we will get this opportunity again. Every oppressed should come forward with his story now. Government must provide security to itself and the plaintiffs. There is very good chance that the corrupt political leaders of different parties will join hands to remove this government, though they were bickering like hell only a few days ago and ruining the county (what else they can do for the country? :D) in the process. They will forget that they were trying to kill each other (it is nothing new in BD politics, few days ago we saw son handshaking with the killer of his father) and will agree unanimously to get rid of CTG. I seriously apprehend that they will try to kill the chief adviser or some other advisers. I don't think they will dare to kill the army generals who are backing the government, they know its consequences. We are having a unique opportunity to get things straight for the first time after out independence. None can tell when we will get this opportunity again once the power goes to any of the current political (or plundering??) parties. May we be able to avail this opportunity fully!


Faiyaz Al said...

Saifur Rahman's name was left out of the accused list. Are there still BNP loyals still remaining in the police ?

I think Moudud Ahmed, Saifur Rahman and Nazmul Huda, despite being very well educated and competent persons, are the ones who were the principal culprits of the last five years. Although Nazmul Huda is behind the bars, Moudud and Saifur should also be held by the joint force asap.

Russoue said...

There is no doubt that there are many officials loyal to BNP inside the government. I think the number is so huge that it will take sometime to identify them and render them ineffective. BNP has systematically placed its loyal people to important posts all over the government. In case of that officer, either he is a BNP loyal or he is fearing that BNP will come to the power again. In the latter case, he is a fool.

Do you know any instance of corruption by Moudud Ahmed? This man seems the most cunning of all to me. From driving the car of Bangabandu to serving Ershad, Khaleda, he has done everything to stay in power. No doubt he is very intelligent.

Faiyaz Al said...

There are rumours that Moudud will join Dr Yunus' party.

However, Moudud was the man behind,

1. Having KM Hasan as CG
2. Having MA Aziz as the CEC
3. Directing the attorney general to suspend the supreme court ruling on Nov 30.
4. Politicization of the judiciary.

The judiciary was more or less neutral before 2001. But in the last 5 years, it was filled up with BNP loyal judges. That's why I think before giving independence to the judiciary, the govt should cleanse it properly.

Russoue said...

If Dr. Yunus takes even one political leader from current political parties, not only he is a hypocrite, his party will have no chance for success. Few days ago, he told that all the politicians are corrupt. He takes people from that group now, he will contradict himself. He time and again told that he wants to change the political culture of our country. To do that, he has to make a party which will have no person from any of the existing parties. Because these people are professionals, not any patriot. They work for the parties only to get favor in return. And this favor is the root of all corruption done by the political leaders. If Dr. Yunus takes any of these people with corrupt mindset in his party, then how is he different? I sincerely hope he will try to do something different.

Faiyaz Al said...

Interesting sub editorial by Abdul Gaffar Chow.

He thinks Moudud and Mannan Bhuiyan will join Yunus' party.

Russoue said...

Another one:

I am really impressed. People started to come forward.

Russoue said...

Here goes another one:

Dhaka, Feb 20 ( – A gunman Tuesday pressed charges of taking bribes for jobs against deputy speaker Akhtar Hamid Siddiqui.

SM Zulfikar Ali, who worked for the former lawmaker as gunman, filed a case against Siddiqui with the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court in Dhaka at 10.30am and charged him with fraud and embezzlement.

Metropolitan magistrate Abdullahel Baqui ordered Tejgaon Police Station to open an investigation into the case.

Zulfikar said in the case he was a member of the Special Branch of Police and served the deputy speaker as gunman.

Siddiqui was elected to parliament from the Naogaon-3 constituency in 2001.

According to allegations in the case, Siddiqui took Tk 12 lakh in bribes from people of different districts and promised them jobs in signed documents with the Jatiya Sangsad letterhead.

But he failed to land them jobs, Zulfikar said.

He claimed in the case that he was present when the deputy speaker took bribes.

According to the case, Zulfikar claimed that those who bribed the deputy speaker and did not get jobs came up to him and cried.