Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sajeeb Wazed Joy opens a blog

This is an excellent news, the first of this kind for any Bangladeshi politician. Blogs are now powerful tools to express opinion, do constructive discussion and healthy debates. Politicians can use it to communicate with people directly. More politicians are coming in the blogosphere recently, at least we can see that in U.S. I don't know how much Joy can affect the political decisions and actions taken by Awami League but I hope he will convey some of the input he will get from this blog. And he must welcome and tolerate all the criticism in his comments and must not suppress the criticisms, which he does not like, by moderation. I hope that his blog will be a very active area for all the Bangladeshi bloggers to express their views and directly communicate with him. His blog address is


Mansur said...

His blog is useless. He can't express your views in his blog. He doesn't accept negative comments about his party, him, or his mother. Again he talks about democracy. I posted some comments and he deleted all of them. He only accepts comments that are supportive of him and his party. And if you don't listen to the opposing views how are you gonna be a leader? That says a lot about him. That means in the power he wouldn't give a damn about anybody else.

Bengali Soldier

ashrafkhokan said...

bhai bengali soldier, in democracy u have right to tell every thing. but there is a so many problem if u do not know what is democracy ? u dont right to tell anything which may be ur socalled opinion but harmful for many bloggers is participiting here daily. i think u know.every boddy is telling thier views and most of all this negetive comments( i must right u can check again). bhai mansur, what kind of negative comments is
created ( by bangali soldier!!!!!!!), which is omited, ask ur self . u will find answer.try to express ur creativeand solid views , positive or negetive. and first of all u must have to change ur negetive mind set about sajeeb, his mother and party.

raz said...

Sajeeb waked is another looter who in the name of his mother and his grandfather made millions of dollars from different illegal biz due his mothers influence, this so called Harvard graduate is absolutely a new thug along with his aunt leaves in UK also made millions through her agent biggest crook Abul hossain, Faruk khan and so on. This Sajib is big bullshiter and big thief. People will not pardon these corrupt creatures and their fate will be like many so called leaders in middle least.