Friday, March 16, 2007

Bangabandhu == Ziaur Rahman ???

CA is going to visit Bangabandhu 's grave. A good news. But wait, he is also going to visit late president Ziaur Rahman's grave at the end of this month. With all due respect to the late president, my question is, is it an equalizing effort? In that case, isn't it utterly unfair to equate a late president with the father of the nation? There will be and already are many late presidents but there is and will be only one father of the nation. There cannot be any comparison between Bangabandhu and any late president.

In this regard, I have one more query. Why single out Ziaur Rahman from the late presidents? What is his special achievement? I think he must be treated as any other country head (except Bangabandhu).

I think this is high time to reinstate the law to keep picture of Bangabandhu in all government offices. If this government does it, it will be above controversy and hopefully stay forever.


Faiyaz Al said...

Thank you very much for this post. Coparing Bangabandhu with anyone we've seen so far in BD is foolish.

But I don't think this govt will have the courage of glorifying him for his good works, because they fear that they'll be termed as 'partisan'. I expected them to broadcast Bangabandhu's 7th March speech on 7th March, but they didn't. Balancing should not be the aim, the govt must understand.

Russoue said...

The point here is Bangabandhu is not of any political party. He is of all of us. He is for each and every Bangladeshi. When he fought for freedom, he did not fight for AL activists only, he fought for the whole nation. If this government realizes that point of view then it can do that.

On a note, AL of that time was a dream political party. Sorry to say that current AL is just a shell of that, the inside is empty. It is a bunch of looters like BNP, under the brand name of that glorious AL.

Tanvir Anwar said...

Well Rusho Bhai, I dont think bangabandhu and Ziaur Rahman are equal. In fact every person is different. The only thing similar between them is now that they both are dead president. Then again, Ziaur rahman also had significant contribution in the liberation war. The history didn't forget him. The decision taken by CA to visit both of their grave is based on the current situation and a diplomatically sound one. Bangabandhu is considered as one of the key persons of AL and Ziaul Rahman is the founder of BNP. Al and BNP are two major political parties. That means the majority people support or supported either of these two parties. So paying homage to two great leaders of major parties will satisfy both political party supporters.
About hanging Bangabandhu's picture in the government offices - I think its a good decision. But it depends on the government, If the chief of the government wants his/her self-picture in the wall, then it should be done. It is happening in US. The US govt. is not hanging George Washington's picture at offices.

Russoue said...

Tanvir, you are missing the point that Bangabandhu is the father of our nation. And in that regard, he is unique. None can be the father of the nation any more. I want him to be treated as father of nation only and not as anything else. Regarding the pictures, you are right that prime minister may want that his/her pictures be kept in govt. offices. It is fine. It was just a suggestion from me to hang Bangabandhu's photo, as usually I don't have much respect towards our crooked prime ministers :-).

changebangladesh said...

I think, We should give due respect to all our leaders.

Above all BogaBandho, as a father of the nation, no denying on that, Basani and Tazudding should also get recognition following Ziaur Rahman.

I respect both Mujib and Ziaur Rahman,inspite knowing more about Bogobondho, about his college life in Calcutta Islamia Presidency College dorm( name is changed now)and migration to Dhaka and adaptation to Politics through some one very close to me, I still belief both of this guy were good people, they both of their faults too some one a little more and a little less.

Sheikh Mujib would always have my respect from the bottom of my heart.I do admire Ziaur Rahman for some of his unique qaulities, one of them his his honesty and intregity.

But true, as much as I love and respect Mujib and Zia I hate and disrespect their decendents.
Kawser Jamal

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Faiyaz Al said...

By the way boss, I don't think AL in 1970s was a perfect political party. AL on those days had ppl like Kh Mushtaque, Shah Moazzem, KM Obaid, ASM Abdur Rob etc, as they had great leaders like Tazuddin, Syed Nazrul or Kamaruzzaman. But it was Bangabandhu who could feel the pulse of the nation and motivated the whole nation towards the common goal of autonomy that ultimately lead towards our independence.

The point that I want to put in is that no party is or was perfect. A leader with significant level of honesty and attachment with commoners can turn a mediocre party into a vibrant force, by dint of his heroic leadership.

I also think that Tajuddin didn't get the due respect in Bangladesh. I don't see why Zia should have to be treated differently than any other sector commanders or Osmani for his role in 1971. But I think he deserves some respect for his success as a president. Zia is also a very popular leader and I think the popularity is becoz of his tenure as the president of BD.

But as u said, we should not compare anyone else with Bangbandhu becoz he is no doubtedly the Father of our Nation. His failure as a president of a new born country against which the superpower USA took a hostile position doesn't take away his tremendous success of inspiring and uniting the nation against the mighty Pakistani oppressing junta.

Faiyaz Al said...

It's a very good news that the Army Chief has used the word Father of the Nation to refer to Bangabandhu. The other points that he has raised are also correct. I hope this govt will give Bangabandhu the due honor of the father of the nation, and recognize all other leaders like Suhrawardy, Sher e Bangla, Bhashani, Tazuddin and Syed Nazrul. Also, Bangabandhu killers and the war criminals should be brought into justice and Zia murder should also be properly investigated. Until the proper murderers are punished, the whole nation has to bear the burden of guilt which will ultimately hamper our progress.

Russoue said...

I saw the speech of army chief. It is indeed commendable. AL supporters may be very happy to know that though at this time they will not admit it overtly as they think they are being deprived of their fair share of power. However, thinking carefully, it can be understood that if Bangabandhu is indeed recognized officially, AL will be the biggest loser in the long run. Because, they will not have anything of their own to sell to people. Only their history of corruption and patronizing terrorist godfathers will be left.

Faiyaz Al said...

I don care about who'll be biggest loser. Bangabandhu deserves the due respect from the govt of a country whose freedom struggle he has led.

But as you have raised the question, the biggest losers will not be AL, it'll be the anti liberation force (within all the parties) who had constantly tried to vilify Mujib.

Stop criticizing AL for everything, Farhan. Bangabandhu is not AL's property, he is our national pride. AL gave him recognition and honors during their tenure, but got criticized for it. All the other governments of BD has always tried to demean him by every means. Indemnity ordinance remained in our constitution until 1996. Hasina was criticized in 1991 because she wanted to try her father's killers in her last TV speech before the election. His name was forbidden in state controlled media until 1996. Bangabandhu murder case halted for our justices who felt 'bibroto' to hear the case. I don't know why you are blaming AL for these.

Or do you suggest that AL should have formed a special tribunal for Mujib murder case ? How do you think such a move would have been received by our human rights proponents and the civil soceity ? Or should AL have politicized the judiciary as BNP did ? Would that be good for the country ? Or should AL have used the Army for killing the killers without trial, as Gen Manzur was killed ?

None will deny that AL sheltered godfathers and also some corruption occured in their tenure. But blanket accusation against AL for not honoring Bangabandhu is condemnable.

Russoue said...

Dear Faiyaz, I am sorry for my poorly written comment. Actually, the point about AL was a side note. I, in no way, meant that Bangabandhu should not be given what he deserves. I have enormous respect for the great man. Without him, there would be no Bangladesh now.

I am not categorically criticizing AL. But haven't you noticed that it is they who made it look like Bangabandhu is their property? They did it during 1996-2001. They have overdone the issue. Their excessiveness disgusted people. While Bangabandhu has nothing to do with it, he was affected most as people started treating him as AL property and father of Sheikh Hasina. And about the trial, what AL did is perfect.

When I criticize AL, I criticize the current AL not its history and glorious leaders once it had. Now, Salman F Rahman is their leader. Don't you think that it is a shame? Don't you think that it is time to get rid of Sheikh Hasina because of her unwittingness? (Remember that she stood by Jainal Hazari always.)

What I tried to mean by AL being the greatest loser is that, AL has nothing to boast of after Bangabandhu. If Bangabandhu is officially and also truely becomes the father of the nation in people's mind, AL will be left with nothing of their own, except the history of their corruption and godfathers.

Zippy Zed said...

Dumbest commentary I've ever seen. They both were heads of Bangladesh Government - it's a regular practice in ANY country to pay homage to prominant leaders of a country, especially PMs and Presidents who have passed on.

How about you learn to respect instead of blatantly show your hatred for the political party you oppose?