Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bangladesh Biman

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture speaks of the sorry state of Biman.


Faiyaz Al said...

I went to Dhaka last year flying in Biman. The on flight service was pretty good. In the Heathrow Airport we had to wait three hours for the connecting flight to Dhaka. The reason for the delay is that it started late from Dhaka, which is mainly due to the fact that Biman doesnt have many aircrafts.

The average Bangladeshi passengers (flying from Heathrow to Dhaka) are indisciplined and unsophisticated (Sorry to say, but true). Biman staffs on flight managed them pretty well. The food was excellent.I watched a Bengali film 'Shimana Periye' on flight. This is a film by Alamgir Kabir as director, one of the great Bengali films having Bhupen Hazarika as the music director.

I couldn't understand why the Biman incurs losses. The plane was full. I've heard that the break-even is 40 % seats filled. So I don find any valid reason for incurring losses. The only reason, as I believe, is corruption. Yes, there are some extra manpower, but I think if we can reduce corruption a bit, it won't be a great problem.

I saw many ppl advocating for privatization. I don't support privatization of Biman just becoz of the corruption of few persons. The corrupt ppl should get exemplary punsihment, which'll be enough to take back Biman to the runway. If needed, we can allow new private airlines to start operating. But I do believe Biman can recover if only the corruption is checked.

Russoue said...

I fully agree with you. We can't privatize Biman for Said Eskander and his cohorts. It is not Biman's fault. For all the corruptions now in Biman, these guys are culpable. Biman needs reduction in man power no doubt. But it does not need privatization yet. Our country needs one national carrier.