Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Smart Room: a great project by CSE BUET students

This is a superb project done by the brilliant CSE students of BUET. Quoting from the site:

This project is an attempt to incorporate some intelligence or "smartness" into a room. The room should be able to sense many things. If there is no one in the room, the devices are off. This saves unnecessary power consumption. When someone is in front of the door, the door should be opened automatically. When the person enters, the door is shut and the room decides how many lights to turn on depending on the current intensity of light. The fan speed is controlled based on the current room temperature. This way, people need not bother about mechanical switches. In addition, the smartness of the room can be disabled anytime. When the smartness is disabled, the room is able to understand Bangla and English voice commands and mobile commands through Bluetooth and SMS. The status of the room can be known through mobile. The room can also utter the temperature or time in both Bangla and English when asked by voice. Devices can also be controlled through PC software.

A report was publised in Prothom Alo about the project. For details: http://smartroom.awardspace.com/

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Atunu said...

Aaahh..buet students and yet another one of their petty projects yearning to become forgotten amids heaps of hypocrisy and insolence from the teachers and the govt alike.

Out teachers don't encourage us, our govt don't fund us, we live in roach infested dorms battling an array[ ] of pestilence every month. The question is "Can productivity really flourish under such condition?"

The answer, sure it can...but all the time it gets ripped in the buds. So further development/allotment/consolation is just a tertiary dream, easily brushed away with the passage of time.

Thanks for the post though.