Friday, March 09, 2007

A soothing news

In last few days, there were increasing number of fake cries from SK Hasina and Khaleda Zia for return of power to the people i.e. themselves. I was being disturbed with it. The recent ban on indoor politics should be able to curb those hypocritical howls. All they know is power. SK Hasina, despite knowing that she will certainly win the next fair election, can't wait few more months. She is fool enough to not to understand that if the prosecutions can be completed she will be the most beneficiary of them. People will have no choice other than to vote her party as currently they represent the lesser evil (a term coined by a friend of mine, I like it :-) ) of the two. I doubt on any significant influence of Dr. Yunus's new party in that election. It is too early for him. I think AL and their staunchest supporters should stop gearing up their propaganda machines and allow some time to the CTG to finish the cleaning up. After that, they will have full five years to loot the country again.


Faiyaz Al said...

Don be so happy after a ban on politics. The ban is accompanied by stronger restriction on the media, an imminent formation of a powerful National Security Council, lesser power to the ACC and a threat from the adviser Matin about arresting KZ and SH.

So far the CG is doing great. But day by day it is gaining more and more power. Absolute power(2/3rd majority ) is what corrupted BNP. So we should be careful when we advocate a total ban on politics.

Russoue said...

Dosto, I know that. But as you said, ctg has done well so far, that is why I want them to continue. You must agree that nobody was there in bd to take the prince down except this govt. If AL came to power, they could not even touch his hair, this is quite understandable. Because it would be given a political flavor immediately. Once ctg finishes the clean up process, I would like to see them holding a free fair election.