Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Voter ID card preparation to take one year, says expert body (???)

Here is the news:


From newagebd, I found that the expert body was headed by Professor Jamilur Reza Chowdhury and IT Specialist Mostafa Jabbar was a member of it. Can anyone tell me how they qualify to their respective posts? Isn't there anyone in Bangladesh other than a civil engineer, who wrote few programs in his student life, to lead the committee? How much expertise does he have? How does he qualify as an IT expert? What are his achievements in IT field? And since when Mostafa Jabbar became an IT Specialist? What did he do which brought him the title? Does designing an unscientific keyboard layout and having it coded by Munirul Abedin Pappana makes him an IT Specialist? I am a graduate of computer science and doing graduate studies at this moment. If I come up with an arbitrary Bengali keyboard layout tomorrow, shouldn't I get a seat in that committee? I am sick of these people. How long will we drain millions of dollars for these ignorant people? How long will they have pleasure trip to the west by poor people's money in the name of observing their systems? Isn't there anyone in the current government to get rid of these people from this committee of vital national interest?


Faiyaz Al said...

Although not directly related, here's an aricle in today's Shamokal reporting about the cases where the vote cast > number of voters in 2001 election.


I was wondering where to find the center wise election result. It will be interesting to analyze the result using statistical techniques.

JI said...

Dr. Choudhury is a great technologist and he carries the weight that such a committee requires. But that does not mean they were asked to solve the right problem. Forging a laminated paper ID will be child's play, and the country will wast $60million for nothing. See this for a cogent analysis

Russoue said...

Can you give an example which will prove Dr. Choudhury being a technologist in IT sector? I don't know any except being chairmans of numerous failed committees. I don't remember any single contribution to BD IT.