Sunday, May 13, 2007

An example to follow

The education ministry adviser's wife, who is a government professor of economy, could not get a posting in Dhaka. The adviser did not abuse his power to do anything about it. How many times did it happen during BNP/AL (two sides of same coin) ruling in Bangladesh? I should better ask, how many times did it happen in the entire history of Bangladesh? I hope and pray that once an elected government comes to power, at least some of the people will follow this wonderful example.

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FZ said...

Really a wonderful example. During the last BNP govt's tenure, Mannan Bhuiyan's wife was made the principal of Dhaka College, KM Obaid's wife was Dhaka Board Chairperson and Mosharraf Hossain Shahjahan's wife was made Eden College principal. So we can see the contrast here. Hope this example is not an exception and this unelected govt can continue setting up such examples.

On the other hand, I think our transfer policies, especially for ladies, need to be reviewed. Due to our social structure, it is really tough for a lady to live away from her family for the job. It often creates problems within the family. If we want increased participation of our women in economic activities, we need to consider these points as well.