Sunday, June 10, 2007

The least expected from a national leader

This is not expected from a person whose father liberated this country:

From New Nation Online Edition

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Jt forces search Mokammel's house: Plot to rig polls uncovered
By Staff Reporter
Sat, 9 Jun 2007, 13:41:00

The Army-led Joint Forces have recovered documents on sensational designs to damage image of the country abroad and rig election from the residence of Awami League Advisory Council member Mokammel Haque recently.

Informed sources said the documents include copies of Sheikh Hasina's letter to US President George W Bush and the Embassy of the Netherlands, the party's election planning, including a design for polls tampering, and names of partisan bureaucrats in the administration as well as their party affiliations.

Sheikh Hasina sent her letter to the US President on January 9 this year. Mokammel Haque drafted the letter, which was fianlised by the AL President herself.

Contents of Sheikh Hasina's letter to the US President were full of elements damaging the country abroad. Contents of the letter were arranged in such a way that it could manoeuvre the Bush Administration in line with the AL.

The same letter was handed over to the Netherlands Embassy with a view to influencing its government to fuel anti-Bangladesh campaign in the Europe.

The documents recovered from Mokammel's residence also included names of persons, whom the Awami League (AL) wanted to appoint as Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commissioners and officials, whom the party wanted to occupy the civil and police administrations, including crucial Secretaries and the IGP, the DCs and SPs, during the January 22 stalled elections.

Besides, there were names of pro-BNP and pro-Jamaat bureaucrats, whom the AL wanted to purge from civil and police administrations before the elections.

The documents show that 80 per cent of the reshuffles carried out during the Caretaker Government headed by President Prof Dr Iajuddin Ahmed were done on the basis of the AL design and as per its list of names.

In addition to that the papers recovered from Mokammel's residence includes names of 44 pro-BNP and pro-Jamaat officials, who attended the much-talked about meeting at the residence of former Chairman of the Board of Investment. The AL had sent this list to the higher level of the Caretaker government.

A file recovered from his residence, contains description of 22 government plots, which Mokammel Haque manoeuvred to allocate in favour of his family and relatives abusing his position when he was a Secretary.

Another file contains paper-cuttings of stories published in different newspapers about his corruption.

Intelligence agencies traced the existence of these documents on Sunday through tapping cell phone of Mokammel Haque, when he was asking his Private Secretary from London to shift those from his residence to one of his friend's house.

The Joint Forces immediately raided his residence at flat no 403, House no 20, Road no 62 at Gulshan-2 and recovered these documents.

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