Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vista is not a disappointment

An article published in PCWorld says that Windows Vista is the most disappointing product of 2007. Their argument is that Vista is slower than XP and it has few problems e.g. slow file transfer. While I am not sure about Vista being slow, I agree with the later issue. Sometimes, Vista is really slow even when transferring files of size less than 1 MB. I hope this is a minor issue and will be fixed in the first service pack. But Vista does have some good features. It has significantly improved search capability. The program control is excellent and an effective tool against viruses and spyware. Microsoft did a great job writing the whole TCP/IP stack from scratch for Vista. The wireless connectivity is much better now. All the TCP connections are not immediately broken after the wi-fi connection goes out. I get enough time to reconnect and still retain those connections. The interface is nice though the 3D list of current windows is useless. But overall, after using Vista for about 11 months, I can say that Vista is not a disappointment. Those who are not satisfied with it should wait for the soon to be released service pack 1.

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