Sunday, April 13, 2008

When will we focus on the root of all problems of Bangladesh?

Our biggest problem is not corruption or poverty. Our biggest problem is population growth. As a very small country of the world, we have very limited resources. Our only resource is our fertile land and nothing else. Though our crooked subversive politicians wanted to export gas for personal financial benefit, it is already proven that our gas is not even adequate to meet our needs. Despite of this very limited resources, we are continuing to increase the population at an unacceptable rate. Then we send our finance minister to rich nation to get some alms for us. What a shame! It seems that our duty is to increase the total number of stomachs in our country and other nations of the world has the duty to feed them. We must concentrate on decreasing our population by one/two children per family doctrine like China. Once the proportion of population to resources reaches an acceptable level, corruption and other problems will start to dwindle automatically through economic solvency. Today, apart from the top level robbers of our society, most of the corruption comes from bare necessity. Do we ever think how a government 3rd, 4th class employee can run his family with the mere salary he gets? They are bound to take resort to corruption just to feed their family. Until we continue to ignore our biggest problem, we are not taking a single step forward. With all our efforts we take one step forward but our population growth takes us ten steps back. Yesterday the Daily Prothom-Alo published a news that each year we are adding to our population a staggering 2.5 million people! This was stated by a high government official involved in family planning program. Prothom-Alo published it as an unimportant news. Others did not even bother to mention it. If such negligence continues, I do not understand how we can hope for better days.

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