Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Installing TrueType fonts in Fedora 10

I wanted to install four Bangla fonts to read some Bangladeshi newspapers. I searched the net for instructions on how to do it and found quite a few relevant results. But all of them used some commands which I could not find in my system even with full pathnames. They simply do not exist in my Fedora box. Then I just tried the following:

1. Opened a shell and changed to super user:
# su
Password: myrootpassword
2.. Created a new directory "banglafonts" in /usr/share/fonts:
# mkdir /usr/share/fonts/banglafonts
3. Changed directory to that one:
# cd /usr/share/fonts/banglafonts
4. Copied the ttf fonts to that directory
# cp /path/to/directory/having/downloaded/fonts/*.ttf .
5. Created fonts.dir:
# mkfontdir
6. Rebuilt the fonts cache
# fc-cache
7. Exited the shell
# exit
8. Restarted Firefox.

There may be some GUI tools to ease the process but my system do not have them and I also do not want to install something which will be rarely used. The simple steps described above are easy enough, even for a newbie, to install ttf fonts in a Fedora box.

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