Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Asian Highway useless for Bangladesh in present form

I just read a shocking article on Asian Highway. Dr. Abul Hashem explains how the current proposal of Asian Highway is not useful to us. You don't have to be an expert on this to understand his point. According to the current proposal, AH-1 and AH-2 will have their both endpoints in Bangladesh-India border. It will go through several land ports in Bangladesh-India border but not anywhere near our two seaports. They will not connect us with Myanmar. The picture should be clear to any sane person now. It is essentially the transit corridor India is demanding from us for a long time. I am surprised to see that the current popular government is going to sign in to this project. They better have solid reason to do this otherwise people will call them sycophant of the Indians. I am sure the cunning Indians are running the show here. All concious citizens of our country should wake up and resist this will all our might. Otherwise they will slap Tipaimukh Dam on our face and take this transit corridor in disguise.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An article comparing Smartphone platforms

Smartphone development is of much interest among the developer community now. There are lots of platforms to choose from: iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, Java ME etc. While the iPhone seems to be the obvious choice, there are a lot of things to consider which may lead someone to choose some other platform. Here is an excellent article comparing pros and cons of those platforms from a developer point of view. Before jumping in a platform one should go through the article to know all the things one needs to consider beforing making a choice. iPhone may not be the obvious choice any more. Developers are already venting their frustrations on iPhone app development (link 1, link 2). Articles like this will help them make the right choice.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

China tries to block Uighur film

Here is the appalling news: A Chinese consular officer insisted the festival director not to show a documentary about an exiled Uighur leader. Thanks to the festival director for taking the right decision.

The world should know what the Chinese are doing with Uighurs. I am very worried about them as I suspect they are being murdered by both the Han people and the government. I don't believe the official statistics of casualty. Chinese government has quelled people's movements in brutal ways in the past (e.g. the well-known Tiananmen square protest). I think this time it is no exception too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fixing flashing envelop problem in Nokia E71x

I found that many people who bought a Nokia E71x phone are having a persistent flashing envelop indicator even though there is no new message or voice mail. If the SIM is not a new one (i.e. used in any other phone previously) I have a solution. I copied all the old messages from the SIM to the phone and then deleted all messages from SIM. The envelop went away. I think this is a bug in the set as SIM messages are not new/unread messages but it is good that there is at least one solution!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phillips regrets missing 'easy' century!!!

Here is the irritating article: I found it irritating because I have not seen even any great players talking like this against any team. Firstly, it was not easy at all. If it were so easy why did not he do it? Isn't it a contradiction? Secondly, this discourteous comment shows that this new player does not have the right attitude towards this gentleman's game. I hope this rookie player will grow up and think before making any comment. Neither he nor his team can be proud of their skill and current achievements, so this kind of comment just make people look foolish.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mount Annapurna IV Conquered by Bangladeshis

A group of brave Bangladeshis achieved the tremendous feat of climbing Mt. Annapurna IV. This is a 24682 ft high Himalayan peak. This is the first ever Himalayan peak climbed by any Bangladeshi. My heartiest congratulations to them! I am proud of them and my prayer and wishes are with them for their ultimate goal to climb the Mount Everest and hoist our national flag there. Here are two links for the news:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

OS by Google?

At last what many predicted is going to happen. Google is starting to take shot at Microsoft's heart. They are going to offer a new operating system for netbooks. But the report defies my own prediction that they would build an OS based on Android. Google Chrome Operating System, as they call it, is going to be a completely new project. And what is most interesting for customers is that it would be either free or of minimal cost. I look forward to see what Google produces. I think once again it will deliver a fantastic product.