Thursday, November 26, 2009

Web Calendar and Desktop Notifier?

I am looking for a good web calendar and a desktop notifier for it. I know there are couple of excellent web calendars out there like Google Calendar, Windows Live Calendar etc. But none of them has a good desktop notifier. In fact, I could not find any notifier for them. The motivation for not having a desktop notifier for Google Calendar is obvious. Google wants to move everything to the cloud and a desktop notifier for its calendar will be counter-intuitive to that. But I was expecting something from Microsoft as it proposes such a paradigm in its Software + Services strategy site. Though Outlook and Windows Live Mail both can access the calendar, there is not standalone notifier which will run at start up and show and notify upcoming events. Probably there are one or more desktop gadgets out there which I could not find. Can anyone help me in this regard?

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