Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finance minister justifies his purchase decision with a sound logic!

The finance minister of Bangladesh announced that he is going to buy some buses with the aid money got from India last year. It should sound like a good news to me. However, I am not sure if it is anything to be happy about. Here is why:

He wants to buy the buses from India and what he says about the decision is, "We could have bought them from other places, but since we're getting the credit from India, we should bring them from India". Is this a logic we want to hear from a finance minister? In today's world, purchase decisions are made not to express gratitude. We should get the best buses the money can buy. If those buses happen to be produced by India then it is fine. There can be one more reason to buy it from India even if they are not the best ones, that is if it is a condition specified in the loan agreement. For no other reason we can choose India as a source for the buses, let alone gratitude. I wonder how this guy qualifies to be our finance minister. The other day I was reading a news about him blabbering that we are going to compete with world economic powers like India and China soon. The commentators on the Prothom Alo page did not like that. I did not take it seriously then. But now I think this guy truly is an incompetent finance minister. Had Bangladesh been a developed democratic country, this guy would have lost his position for these reason. But all we can do is to pray to Allah to save us from incompetent ministers like him.

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