Friday, August 12, 2011

A tortured choice in famine: Which child lives?

I read the story here. I think this is the most horrific story I have ever read. I can't imagine that a parent is forced to make a choice to abandon his/her child to die but this is what is happening in this world right now. Can't we do something about it? Surely we can. There are many organizations working in that area trying to help the famine affected people. We can donate some money to them, no matter how small the amount is. This page contains a list of charity organizations working on the problem. One can also donate to UNICEF. Islamic Relief is also taking donations. I am sure there are more organizations trying to help those people. All we need to do is to make up our mind to donate at least a small amount. I think the problem can be easily fixed if only a fraction of us donate some money. This is our chance to have a big impact on someone's life by making a very little effort.

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