Monday, March 06, 2006

Bangla bhai has been caught

After only a few days of capturing Shaikh Abdur Rahman, Siddiqul Islam, alias Bangla Bhai, of the outlawed Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen (JMB) was captured at his hideout in Mymensingh district. How did the law-enforcement forces catch him so quickly? Did they get vital information from Abdur Rahman?

In my opinion, this incident shows how quickly government can capture a criminal if they really want to. May be Abdur Rahman gave information, may be not; but that is not important I think. Because even if he has provided information, it would be of no use as the information will be useless. Bangla bhai must have known the capture of Abdur Rahman. After that he must have changed his location, so Abdur Rahman can only provide info about his location at the time of his capture at best. He can't have any knowledge about where Bangla Bhai went after his capture. So, I think that security forces found him with their own effort. Why am I telling all these? Because, I want to tell that government knew about these two's whereabouts always, they just didn't arrest them because of ... well I think everybody knows it. Now when they have decided to nail them, they took only a few days to get Bangla Bhai.

You can read a news about it here.

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