Sunday, March 05, 2006

A nice article on Ashraful

I, like most of the Bangladeshis, am fond of Ashraful's batting. He is a genius, no doubt about it. But he is terribly inconsistent as the article here says. After one good innings, he becomes over-complacent, he throws his wicket in the following few innings. This has been his trend since he made an scintillating debut. All his fans just pray that he becomes more attentive, careful and consistent. He should not waste his talent like this. His mere average of 25.11 (as of today) just don't reflect his precocious talent and exceptional ability. He has the necessary skills to belt reputed bowlers around the park frequently but he has to be cautious in his shot selection. All his fans, including me, can only hope and pray that Ashraful will realize these too.

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Rony said...

Ashraftul da keda ?