Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A spat with a well-known person

Today I engaged in a tiff with Mustafa Jabbar, the proprietor of Bijoy keyboard layout. It was in bdresearchers yahoo group. Actually, I just gave an innocent reply to one his mails regarding Bengali keyboard layout. I just suggested that we should reach a consensus on which layout to use, whether Munir layout or Bijoy layout. After that, he suddenly turned violent towards me and started to attack me and my company. In total 9 mails have been exchanged so far. Because of the moderated nature of bdresearchers group, other members missed the live argument. In fact, they have not seen all the mails yet. This is a negative side of moderation, if the moderator is sleeping in U.S., members in Bangladesh has no way to see the new mails and replies. However, I think, so far I am successful to fend off his immature personal attacks. Let me see what happens next.


Salam Dhaka said...

why dont you put some parts of the email on your blog so we can see it :-)

Ashraful Kadir said...
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Ashraful Kadir said...

I found some related discussions in

Are you talking about this?

Russoue said...

You are right. This is the same discussion. Actually, as there is huge delay between posting the mails and their appearance in the group due to moderation, I posted this here so that at least few people can read it early.