Sunday, March 12, 2006

Visiting card

I just got visiting cards from my new employer. It is a very petty matter to mention here. But it reminds me the days in Eyeball Networks Inc. I remember that we asked our C.T.O. to provide us some visiting cards. It would cost less than 100 BDT per head which is an infinitesimal amount considering Eyeball's more than million dollar annual revenue. But we got refused. Believe me, this was the way we, the Bangladeshis in Dhaka, were treated there. We have many memorable moments in Eyeball but none of them has its any intentional contribution. We could have those moments only because there was no authority here. I am happy to get rid of that biased and unfair company, who treated us like slaves. Many times we took the initiative to make visiting cards ourselves, but none of them was successful. At last, I have got my visiting card, I am happy :-)

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