Thursday, August 02, 2007

At last RANGS building will be demolished

It is a great news to the country. As described by one adviser, this building was the symbol of power misuse in the country. Now that Supreme Court has ordered it to be demolished, the construction work for the road link should be started asap. The top 15 floors will be demolished from Friday but I do not know when the rest will be. I want to see the link road as soon as possible. It will ease the traffic congestion greatly. It is another great job being done by this government. During the last fifteen years, this building only kept growing taller.


FZ said...

Link road er moola te naicho na, majh khan diya 6 tola rekhe diye jomi tar upor legal odhikar kintu thik i rangs group peye gelo.

Desh e ashle ter paba ki obostha. Govt politician der gali diya nijerai moha dhoribaj politician hishebe abirbhooto hoise.

Russoue said...

I will be happy to see new politicians. I have always said about fair chance for all. Why will same people loot the country again and again? Let others loot too.